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Red-Breasted Sapsucker

We’re lucky today in the northeastern corner of California to get a little rain. We live on the edge of the Great Basin high desert and the last few evenings have been wet ones. The air now has a fresh smell. Lilli lives on the far end of town. Sometimes we take our dogs hiking […]

Steller’s Jay

One of my favorite artists is Beverley Hackett, a printer from Grass Valley, California, who passed away just few years ago. She did the above print of Steller’s Jays in 1982. I have it hanging on my wall near the window where as I watch the Steller’s Jays in the trees by my feeder here […]

Black-Headed Grosbeck

This morning I saw four Black-Headed Grosbeaks, both males and females, at my suet. They were grabbing up the sunflower seeds with their heavy bills. The flamboyant male has a large, black head, cinnamon body with white-barred, black wings and short tail. I think the female is just as beautiful with subtle cinnamon/brown colors and […]