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Greek Theatre Hosts Play for Refugees After 2,100 Years

Famed ancient monument in Delos, Greece, reopens with performance raising awareness about the plight of refugees. Teo Kermeliotis Hecuba, a Refugee is performed on the Greek island of Delos [Department of antiquities of the Cyclades/Al Jazeera]  A forceful cry breaks from her lips as she spreads her arms wide open. The words come out in […]

True Colors: How Birds See the World

Guest Author: Cynthia Berger  IN THE EARLY 1970s, A RESEARCHER testing the ability of pigeons to discriminate colors discovered by accident that the birds can see ultraviolet (UV) light. The finding was deemed curious but not too important. “It was natural for scientists to assume that bird vision is like human vision,” says Geoffrey Hill, an Auburn University ornithologist and […]