Traveling Path of Artist, If’igen Bico & her work,”Traces Left Behind” Receives SWD Award

Save World Draw is proud to announce that If’igen Bico, an artist of Turkish/Greek heritage, is the new recipient of the Save World Draw’s 2016 Award, “Small Grant For Marvelous Ideas”.  We will be following her new project, “Traces Left Behind”  where she uses the many ways of  “touch” to connect with Syrian Refugees in Greece and in Turkey.

Ifgen Bico2

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce her briefly to you and her work. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, she lived and worked in the United States but now continues her work between Athens & Nafplio and throughout Greece; including  a few return trips to Turkey. One of her goals is to help deepen the healing process of the lingering effects of abuse with women. With Save World Draw, she will be doing this in various ways via art.  One of the most exciting things Save World Draw does is collaborate with artists, writers & NGOs to explore the arts in communities with at-risk populations, including refugees.

Traces left Behind, Athens, 2016

Traces left Behind, Athens, 2016

If’igen Bico is an incredible artist and a wonderful, sensitive person.  She is positive, compassionate with a big heart and a joy to be around.  She will be taking on three important challenges with us:

1.  Facilitating and collecting art with small groups of Syrian refugees.  Some will be children, others will be women, and perhaps a few elders.

2.  She will use art as a conduit to create trust, while incorporating aspects of her InTouch workshops, self care – while caring for others, to reflect the struggle and transition of these women from their homeland to safety, as an aid to lessening the effects of repeated trauma. 

3.  Figen is a writer, photographer and also an incredible collage-photo-painter.  She will be sharing some of her work related to this project as a guest writer, summarizing her experiences with “Traces Left Behind” or via a video posted on our website.

All work done with the refugees will be credited to the participants, with their names, where they are from and their present location.  It will be posted on SWD, Courageous Journey page in a photo slider. The participants can see their own work here and we hope will leave comments if they wish.  Please follow us to see and hear about their courageous journey.  I am sure we will learn much from Figen’s first-hand experiences with this project.

You can learn more by visiting her website:
http://Figen Bico: